Our Menu

We've got a huge variety of Syrian, Lebanese and Middle eastern food to choose from, whatever you're in the mood for.

Main Course

  • Makloba
  • Bamia
  • Kibbeh Labanyeh
  • Frika (Lamb)
  • Frika (Chicken)
  • Kabseh (Lamb)
  • Kabseh (Chicken)
  • Shakryeh (Lamb)
  • Mandi (Lamb)

Moroccan Dishes

  • Tajin (Lamb)
  • Tajin (Chicken)
  • Couscous (Lamb)
  • Couscous (Chicken)

Vegetarian Dishes

  • Couscous
  • Moussaka
  • Veg Bamia


  • Mix Grill
  • Kebab Halabi
  • Kebab Bil Tahini
  • Kebab Aubergine
  • Kebab Hindi
  • Chicken Kofta
  • Shish Taouk
  • Grilled Lamb Fillet
  • Lamb Kastaleta
  • Chicken Shawerma


  • Sea Bass
  • Tajin Fish


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